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Make sure to take advantage of our September special, Phillips Laser Teeth Whitening session for only $199, RRP $500, guaranteed results.

Interested in straight teeth?

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Dental hygiene: Scale, clean & polish,  $120

For a standard scale and
polish using the EMS NO-PAIN Piezon cleaning system.
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Welcome To Dentspa

Dentists & Dental Hygienist located in Howick, East Auckland.

We are a general dental practice with special interest in facial aesthetics.  We really do offer Oral Health & More.  Our dental services include dental fillings, root canal therapy, porcelain crowns, Implants, dental hygiene, teeth whitening, veneers, scale and polish, extractions and much more.  We also offer anti-aging/anti-wrinkle services and in particular in the perioral region.  We also offer orthodontic services using clear aligners to straighten teeth and we use Invisalign and ClearCorrect.  In our website, you will find a lot of helpful valuable information regarding our services and more.  Please make yourself welcome, and if there is anything else you would like to know, we are only a phone call, message or email away.  We accept  Visa and MasterCard, and we will not charge you an extra fee for that! We also accept American Express and Farmers Card. We offer Q card 12 months interest-free and we offer payment plans for some patients.

Thank you again for stopping by and we would love to meet you and contribute to your well-being. We hope you find what you are looking for.


The Gentle Dentists


Our brand/Our Logo

The Φ symbol in a square. Φ  is the Greek letter Phi, which also used as a symbol for the Golden Ratio, which is the mathmetical formula found consistent behind beautiful things.  Human’s aesthetic artistic perception is sensitive to this ratio.  We strive to make this ratio a basis for everything we do, hoping to make everything beautiful for you.  The word beautiful here is quiet universal: it means good, aesthetic, pleasing, gentle , excellent etc etc.  The symbol also represents our interest in facial aesthetics. The box surrounding the Phi symbol, is a common design for fraternities, and thus, you are not only our client, but you are now apart of our health fraternity. 

Our Patients Say It With a Smile!

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