Botulinm toxin and Fillers: The basic difference

Like we said last time, Botox is actually a brand name for a protein called Botulinium toxin, which can temporarily paralyze any muscle. There are other brands available like Botox such as Xeomin & Dysport, and they all can be used to weaken those muscles of the face which cause wrinkles. On the other hand, Fillers are substances which are used to fill up a fine lines (wrinkle) or thicker lines or a depression in the skin. They are also amazing at adding volume of any given part, very commonly seen done on lips, and also to cheeks, enhancing those cheekbones. Fillers may be made of hyaluronic acid like products Belotero or Restylane, less commonly collagen or synthetic compounds like Calcium Hydroxylapatite, or at times your own body fat. Dr Sama has a range of dermal fillers from hyaluronic acid available at her clinic in Howick, Auckland. Also, there is a range of strengths, suitable for different areas and problems.

Botulinm Toxin and Fillers: Which one for your wrinkles

Botulinum Toxin is always used to get rid of dynamic wrinkles. Now what is a dynamic wrinkle? When you make any expression on your face, like smile radiantly or Frown, you move your muscles. (see photo dynamic frown) Try doing it…When you frown, some people can have vertical wrinkles forming in between the eye brows. Now stop frowning and the wrinkles disappear. Smile…. and you might see small lines appearing around your eyes, stop smiling and the lines are gone. Wrinkles which appear when we display emotion and disappear when our faces are relaxed are called dynamic wrinkles. So using these muscles often and for years can like anything else start showing signs of wear-and-tear. Compare young and older people, the difference is usually evident in the average person. So over a period of time the skin overlaying the active muscles begin to show wrinkles and folds, folds appearing as wrinkles.

Fortunately, Botox is perfect for these dynamic wrinkles. The wrinkles can be prevented or improved with the use of botulinum toxins because it will relax the muscles preventing the repetitive scrunching effect on the skin. BUT, botox can be used for other cosmetic purposes, like hiding a gummy smile. And very commonly used in dentistry to relax the strong muscles that control our grinding and clenching. So commonly its used as an adjunctive in dental treatments to help patients control Bruxism, which affects a large portion of the population. Basically, Bruxers clench and grind excessively, and therefore end up wearing out their teeth prematurely. Treating these clenching muscles (called Masseter muscles), there is generally a facial slimming effect too. The muscles start to temporary shrink, due to lack of use and therefore patient starts noticing that their faces start looking slimmer and more youthful. Also, botox is good for facial pain, people suffering from severe migraines. Botox has many more uses and benefits for the homo sapiens, its truly an amazing medicine.

Fillers on the other hand are used to help you with your static wrinkles. Static wrinkles/lines are those permanently etched lines on your face, always there regardless if you’re making expressions or relaxed. These permanent lines if not too extensive and entrenched (like in the photo of static crows feet- lines around the eyes) can be temporarily filled up with the help of fillers. Also another example of these lines that Botox can’t treat are the smokers lines around the lips in the second photo. Static lines and folds are caused by many years of facial expression crinkling your skin to the point that the lines don’t go away at rest. Also, as we age, our skin becomes loose due to the loss of collagen and the loss of fat and resorption of bone in parts of our face. Essentially the underlying architecture of our faces degrades with age, and sun exposure, bad diet, smoking don’t help and help push the skin south. Fillers are good to use to restore volume in cheeks, lips, chins and the naso-labial folds. Dermal Fillers are an equally amazing medicine, and help us in so many ways.

It is important to note, that treating wrinkles is not always possible with either product if you seek treatment too late, sometimes the lines have taken residence on your face over many years and a long dedicated treatment plan including lasers, surgery, PRP, toxin and filler may be required which goes well outside what we can offer so please don’t expect miracles in a syringe if you come for treatment into your 50’s. Although, Dr Sama is the best person to talk to before you judge, and she does have a large selection of products available at the clinic in Howick, Auckland.

Botulinm Toxin and Fillers: The Similarities

Both botulinum toxins and fillers are great anti ageing tools. They help you get rid of wrinkles and facial hollows/depressions which give away your age. Effects from treatments are temporary with Botulinum Toxins lasting 3-4 months and fillers 9-12 months. Although individual results can vary. Botulinum toxin and fillers are two completely different products used for anti ageing and other medicinal purposes. Botox/Xeomin/Dysport can take care of dynamic lines whereas Belotero/Restylane/Juvederm fillers are used for static ones. Dr Sama has now a large portfolio of patients that come to her only for anti-aging treatments. They love her work, mostly are local from Botany Downs, Pakuranaga, or the Howick, East Auckland region. However, she has many clients that drive all the way from the Auckland North Shore, and other parts of Tamaki.